Tides, Streams and Wrecks

This comprehensive software offers animated Tidal Heights and Tidal Streams with Raster Chart cartography

NEW Wrecks, Obstructions and User databases with Slack Water Reports


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Tides and Tidal Streams

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Tides, Streams & Wrecks ... 59.00
Includes a Portfolio of Charts

Portfolios ... 29.00

Tides, Streams & Wrecks ... 129.00
Includes a full set of Portfolio of Charts

Club Tides, Streams & Wrecks ... 299.00
Includes a full set of Portfolio of Charts (Max. of 5 users)


Tides, Tidal Streams & Wrecks - Program for Divers and


An invaluable program for all enthusiastic Divers, Dive Schools and Instructors

Tidal Height Predictions

Instant graphs, showing exactly the rise of tide that is predicted at any chosen date, time and port.


Tidal Streams
The software provides a dynamic tidal stream atlas instantly updating and producing Slack, Flood and Intermediate reports for optimising dive times.

Wrecks and Obstructions
Details of thousands of UK Wrecks and Obstructions are available with details of depths, history, cargo and many other details ideal for planning dives.

Passage Plans

To assist with SOLAS compliance passage planning routines are included.

Charts and tidal data are provided by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office.
No annual updates required.


User Dive Site

Record details of your dive sites, also included is an Image Viewer for your photographs.

System requirements: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8

The program manual is in HTML format.

Wrecks, Tides & Tidal Streams Area Portfolios
Scillies to  Solent
Solent to Dungeness 
Dover Straits & Thames
East Coast
N Devon to South Wales
NW England & Irish Sea
West and North Scotland
Eastern Scotland

List of Portfolios of Charts


  Buy Online
or call us on
+44 (0)118 988 5309

  Buy Online
or call us on
+44 (0)118 988 5309


Tidal Heights 
  Instantaneous Tidal Predictions 
  Calculates Tables and Curves 
  No Annual Updates Required
  Daily and Monthly Tide Tables 
  Tidal Rate of the Rise and Fall  
  Neap to Springs Meter 
  Primary and Secondary Ports 
  Predictions Include Users Depth 
  Draft & Under Keel Clearance 
  Next & Previous Port Option 
  Sunrise and Sunset Indicator 
  Predictions to the year 2050AD 
  Lunar Phases 
  Tide Roll Function 
  Admiralty Licensed Data 
Tidal Streams
  Raster Charts
  Dynamic Tidal Stream
  Wind Grid
  Tidal Stream Roll Function
  Waypoint Editor
  Tidal Vectors
  Interfaces to GPS 
  Night Palette
  Range Circles
  Configurable Displays
  UKHO Tidal Data
Wrecks & Obstructions
  Slack Water Reports
  Wrecks Database 
  User Dive Site Database
  Obstructions Database 
  Filter by Name, Date, 
   Vessel Type and Cargo
  Course Over Ground
  Image Viewer

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