Download Pocket PC Tides - UK & European

If you have any problems downloading the software, please contact us and we will be happy to send you our demo CD


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Download Pocket PC Tides UK


Download Pocket PC Tides UK & Europe


These  demos can be unlocked to the full version on purchase.

Installation Instructions
1.  Download the file to your PC.
2.  Establish an ActiveSync connection between your PC and your Pocket device.
3.  Run the file you have downloaded. Tides will be installed in the Program group of your Pocket PC.


System Requirements:
Pocket PC Windows Mobile 2003 or Mobile Windows 5 and 6.
Screen size 240 x 320

Operates ONLY in main memory (Not an SD card)

To purchase and unlock please phone  +44(0)0118 988 5309 or 
sales @

For users wishing to install just using a cabinet file this is located at
Pocket Tides CAB

The file has to be dragged across to your Pocket PC using ActiveSync then, using File Explorer on the handheld Navigate to My Device, locate the CAB file and tap on it, it should start the installation process and generate the correct folders and shortcuts.

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