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Calculating tidal height, tidal curves, tidal range & rate for the UK and UK & Europe - many other unique features
Tidal predictions to 2030

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Instantaneous Mobile Tidal Predictions
No annual update required  


Pocket PC Tides
This program uses the same tidal database and producing similar results to the PC version, this program offers the Pocket PC user a versatile and easy tidal prediction program for the UK and UK & Europe. This a very easy to use program producing tidal height predictions, daily curves, rate of the rise & fall of the tide, up to ten days tides on screen with next day and previous day buttons. 347 UK and 312 European ports. No annual updates required, valid until 2030.

When you change your Pocket PC for the latest newest device you don't have to buy new software all over again, if Neptune supports the platform then you may upgrade at a reasonable cost .(Available only to customers registering at the time of original purchase).

Discover the convenience of always having tidal information in your pocket.

System Requirements:
Pocket PC Windows Mobile 2003 or Mobile Windows 5, 6 and 6.5
Screen size 240 x 320

Pocket PC Tides UK -  24.95
Pocket PC Tides UK and Europe Tides  -  29.95

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