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" . . Like all navigational software, Neptune Passage Planner comes with the warning that it should not be used as a substitute for doing your own calculations. I have double checked its against my own calculations and find it hard to fault. It is easy to use, genuinely useful, and good value for money. And you can't say that about too much computer software! So why not download the free trial version, and see for yourself?
The May 2007

"... ranks as a serious PC Planner and - if you use a GPS - interfaced PC on board - is a realistic cartography and navigation is very good value and is giving me a lot of pleasure..."
PBO January 2006

"... The hot hatch-back of charting software, this looks like a pretty pedestrian programme, but actually turned in a planning performance
that knocked spots off most of the competition..."
Sailing Today July 2005


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