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uses the official data from the UK Hydrographic Office to calculate highly accurate tidal heights and tidal streams.
Predictions for more than 4000 standard and secondary ports worldwide displayed both graphically and tabulated.

This program is one of the only tidal prediction software on the market that uses the full range of Harmonics in it's predictions.
The program shows the moon phases and has spring to neaps indicator. There are seven areas on the CD covering the world.

is the most accurate tidal height prediction software we offer and is in daily use worldwide by ports, local authorities
commercial shipping, consultants and many other professional bodies.

Area 1 to 4 - Europe, Northern waters and Mediterranean

Area 5 - Indian Ocean (northern part) and Red Sea to Singapore

Area 6 - Singapore to Japan

Area 7 - Australia, Borneo and Philippines

Area 8 - Pacific Ocean including New Zealand

Area 9 - North America (east coast) and Caribbean

Area 10 - South Atlantic and Indian Ocean (southern part)


Each Area ...  75.00  (annual updates required)

System requirements: Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP,
Vista or Windows 7

For more details and information please phone 0118 988 5309 or 
e-mail: sales @


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